I’m definitely old school..

Ok, we’ll start off with my age… I’m 45 years old.. I don’t feel like I’m 45 (physically that’s a different story depending on the day), but I definitely am considered old when it comes to today’s technology. I remember when I was in high school and having a beeper/pager was high tech! No cell phones, no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and definitely no TikTok. I bought my first cellphone when I was 21! I sent my first email when I was probably 25! I got my first text when I was 27 and had to go to the T-mobile store to find out how to send a text back!! So as you can see I’m not one to seek out new technology unless I have to.

This is where I stand out from everyone else… I do have Facebook and Instagram, but use it mostly for posting stuff about my kids. I also use it for business however, not very good at it. The one thing I don’t get is the TikTok stuff.. I’m a very conservative person, definitely not a “look at me” kind of person. However, everyone in my family even my husband loves the whole TikTok frenzy.

I do admit watching some of them are quite comical… My son who is a goofy kid in general even gets into it once in a while.

Crazy girls 😂

I do think it gives some people a platform for their creativity and talent. I think it’s safe to say for my family it highlights their cute personalities and goofiness.

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