I’m definitely old school..

Ok, we’ll start off with my age… I’m 45 years old.. I don’t feel like I’m 45 (physically that’s a different story depending on the day), but I definitely am considered old when it comes to today’s technology. I remember when I was in high school and having a beeper/pager was high tech! No cell phones, no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and definitely no TikTok. I bought my first cellphone when I was 21! I sent my first email when I was probably 25! I got my first text when I was 27 and had to go to the T-mobile store to find out how to send a text back!! So as you can see I’m not one to seek out new technology unless I have to.

This is where I stand out from everyone else… I do have Facebook and Instagram, but use it mostly for posting stuff about my kids. I also use it for business however, not very good at it. The one thing I don’t get is the TikTok stuff.. I’m a very conservative person, definitely not a “look at me” kind of person. However, everyone in my family even my husband loves the whole TikTok frenzy.

I do admit watching some of them are quite comical… My son who is a goofy kid in general even gets into it once in a while.

Crazy girls 😂

I do think it gives some people a platform for their creativity and talent. I think it’s safe to say for my family it highlights their cute personalities and goofiness.

Spring has sprung…

Spring to me means no more snow, weekend road trips, sun burns, bug bites, BBQ’s, and my favorite spring cleaning!! Living in a home with 6 kids and 3 dogs we tend to accumulate a lot of junk. Well it doesn’t help that I have at the least 3 Amazon deliveries a day..

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids… But man they drive me BAT SHIT CRAZY!! I don’t claim to be the most organized, but I do expect a somewhat clean home. However, my kids are the polar opposite!! I think they actually like to see how messy they can get their rooms before I go nuts.. A good example…

I’m organizing 😂

I think this picture scream CHAOS, but don’t worry we survived the I’m organizing fiasco. However we do tend to repeat these adventures on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.